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Allen Telescope Array, SETI, California

Friday, 16 September 2011
Latitude: 40.81749830534364
Longitude: -121.46951093379062

The Allen Telescope Array (ATA), formerly known as the One Hectare Telescope (1hT), was a joint effort by the SETI Institute and the Radio Astronomy Laboratory (RAL) at the University of California, Berkeley to construct a radio interferometer that is dedicated to astronomical observations and a simultaneous search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The ATA is under construction at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, 290 miles (470 km) northeast of San Francisco, California. When completed, the array is expected to consist of 350 antennas.The first phase with 42 antennas (ATA-42) is complete and became operational on 11 October 2007. However, in April 2011, the ATA was placed in operational hibernation due to funding shortfalls. In August 2011, short-term funding was found.

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